Outboxcode is a research and development-driven technology firm

We provide 3D graphics and gaming, mobile and web applications and digital marketing solutions for a range of sectors.

Our team is a group of 3D modelers, designers, artists, programmers, engineers, and architects – but above all we are a group of creative professionals with a passion for crafting relevant applications that deliver outstanding results. We pride ourselves on teetering on the cusp of innovative change in our field in all of our endeavors.

Meet our Founder and Lead 3D Artist & Programmer

Luis Cuenca has over 15 years of experience in creating state-of-the-art virtual models and graphics for the architectural and industrial visualization industry. His work has been associated with a long list of winning architectural projects in both the national and international arenas.

In addition to 3D design work, Luis is also a software developer for mobile and web apps, welcoming the challenge of simplifying the design of even the most ambitious and complex software development projects.

Luis launched OUTBOXCODE in 2013 to fuse software development with 3D graphics and animation for industrial engineering, architecture, technology and geographic information systems.